PeoplePatrol On-Line Patrol Management and Real-Time Reporting

Completely integrated and sharing data with PeopleHours™ using your own hardware or tag suppliers or your officers own phone to create simple or complex patrol rounds quickly, on or off site. Record patrol rounds, mobile inspection visits and alarm attendance with geo-fencing and proof of presence.

Comprehensive reporting with automated scheduled report delivery by email and pay or billing reports for patrols performed.

Available also as a monthly rental deployment either as a stand alone application or with PeopleHours.

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PeoplePatrol takes the effort out of patrol management.

Unlike many systems available PeoplePatrol uses the tried and tested PeopleHours schedule engine to create simple or complex recurring patrol round schedules.

Amongst the many benefits of PeoplePatrol:

  • Use your own hardware supplier or your employees own Android phones.
  • Simple yet powerful scheduling features can create complex recurring patrols easily and quickly
  • Fully compliant with many specific industry requirements
  • GPS tracking of patrol rounds
  • Available as a stand-alone system or a completely compatible addition to PeopleHours
  • Management access anywhere over the internet.
  • Employee alerts for missed patrol points.
  • Incident reporting with attached photos
  • Tamperproof RFID tags, cheap and available in many formats.
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Automatic report delivery via Email
  • Regional or global organised views
  • Access restrictions for site or regional managers
  • Generate payroll or billing reports based on patrols.